Red Letter

"Loved it. Very clear communication, great expectations, and the follow up was immediate. I appreciated the timelines that were given, especially because Tim and Kara both followed up quickly." Ally C.

"Great experience and well tailored to SaaS roles" Edward R.

"My expectations were easily met." Dean H. 

"Meeting with Tim was very helpful. He gave me a lot of great "teaching moments" that I plan to take on to future interviews. He was very insightful and I appreciate his time." Chris K. 

"I really enjoyed being able to connect with Tim Abare. This is a great touch that most agencies wouldn't take the time to do.. building that relationship felt great." Grant D.

"Very much appreciate the coaching" Anna H.

"Tim was extremely helpful with prep notes, ran through everything I would need to know about the interview process, company, and role for now." Stephen P.

"This was by far the best experience I've had in speaking with a recruiting company." Kai P.

"I would recommend Red Letter to anyone looking for their next career adventure in the Startup world without any hesitation." Asad A.

"I had a great time with Tim, the CEO. He appropriately considered my needs and was genuine with my evaluation." Angelique W.

"Very helpful! Tim is knowledgeable in all facets of the sales process and was able to drill down into my specific strengths and weaknesses to coach improvement pertaining to the interview process. Invaluable and necessary!" Richard D.

From the initial call, to the meeting with the CEO this has been the most positive experience I have had with a recruiting company." Mack A.

"Tim is an amazing person to meet and talk with. He has a wealth of expert knowledge and share is to not only make himself and his company better but you as a candidate" Steve S.

"I truly enjoyed the entire Red Letter experience. This was my first time dealing with a recruiting company. I've heard some horror stories, but thankfully, didn't experience any with Red Letter! Logan Z.

"Helpful and knowledgable. Got the sense that he's [Tim] been doing this for a while." Chris T.

"I felt Tim cared about my success and appreciate his coaching moments." Gerald R.

"The entire process gets 5 stars from me." Kyle A.

"An amazing experience. Like no other recruiting firm I've worked with!" Angie E. 

"This was extremely helpful. Probably the most valuable interview knowledge I have ever received." Evan M.

"Its apparent Red Letter understands that resumes are a poor measure of a persons skills and abilities. Love it that they took time to get to know me, understand my strengths and weaknesses and COACHED me when needed! Fantastic..."Monte G.



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